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Proposed Faculty Handbook Revision


DATE:          July 5, 2018

TO:              Howard University Faculty

FROM:         Anthony K. Wutoh, Ph.D., R.Ph.
                   Provost and Chief Academic Officer

SUBJECT:    Howard University Faculty Handbook Update

I hereby distribute for your information, the latest version of the Proposed Faculty Handbook Revision, bearing today’s date, which I have just submitted to Dr. Sonya K. Sobrian, Chair of the Faculty Senate, for final action by the Faculty Senate. The revised handbook can be accessed at http://provost.howard.edu/facultyhandbook/PFHR2018-07-05.pdf.

This document has undergone two rounds of changes over the past six months. Following the open comment period I announced in my communication of November 21, 2017, I forwarded all the comments faculty submitted to the Working Group on the Faculty Handbook that I had assembled the previous April. After vetting the submissions, the Working Group made additional corrections and modifications to the document, an updated version of which I forwarded to Dr. Richard Wright, then Chair of the Faculty Senate on February 9, 2018. In mid-May, 2018, I received from Dr. Sonya K. Sobrian, current Chair of the Faculty Senate, the Report of the Ad Hoc Committee of the Faculty Senate for the Faculty Handbook 4/23/2018, as well as additional comments from faculty. The revised document incorporates what the Working Group recommended to me to address those concerns.

As you know from how I have managed the revision process since early in 2017, my goal is to develop a consensus regarding the revised Faculty Handbook among all stakeholders. While remaining true to the policies and procedures that have governed faculty affairs at the University for decades, and that are articulated in the 1993 Faculty Handbook, the revision process presented us with the opportunity to introduce newer practices—such as stoppages of the tenure clock for certain life events—that have become standard throughout higher education in recent years. The document retains basic protections for academic freedom and tenure that have been hallmarks of the academy for centuries.

In transmitting this latest Proposed Faculty Handbook Revision to Dr. Sobrian, I requested that the Faculty Senate complete its review and report the results back to me by Tuesday, September 4, 2018. Such a timeline will permit the document to be submitted to the President, then presented before the Board of Trustees for approval at its regularly scheduled meetings in October, 2018.

I wish to thank all of you who have communicated your thoughts and suggestions to me regarding how to improve the document. Although I may not have always had an opportunity to reply, I uniformly forwarded your recommendations to the Working Group, which considered each on its merits, and made changes to the document as warranted. Your input has contributed significantly to achieving the consensus that this revised Faculty Handbook reflects.

Best wishes for the remainder of the summer.

cc:     Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick, President
         Dr. Sonya K. Sobrian, Chair, Faculty Senate
         Dr. Tricia Bent-Goodley, School of Social Work
         Prof. e. christi cunningham, School of Law
         Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, School of Business
         Dr. Ahmed Moen, College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences
         Dr. Mercedes Tibbits, College of Arts and Sciences
         Dr. Eric Walters, College of Medicine
         Dr. Angela Cole Dixon
         Dr. Joseph P. Reidy

Note: This memorandum and the Proposed Faculty Handbook Revision are available at:

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